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About Dan Kingman

“The satisfaction I get from being a Real Estate Broker is knowing that my company Cherrywood Realty LLC focuses on the highest ethical standards while representing, and advocating for, property owners and buyers. As a broker, I look for Agents who value professionalism. Honesty and helping others above money. I’ve never fired anyone for not making enough money.”
Within 30 months of earning his Kansas Real Estate License, Dan Kingman earned his Broker’s License, Accredited Buyer Representative, and Graduate Realtor Institute Designations. In January of 2009, Dan purchased Tibbetts Real Estate and Incorporated Cherrywood Realty LLC. 

When you engage Cherrywood Realty LLC to represent you in the purchase or sale of property, you deserve to know something about the person behind the Agents.
Dan Kingman, REALTOR ®

Unparalleled Experience and Expertise

After earning a master’s degree in marketing from the University of Kansas, Dan Kingman spent the next five years working for two Fortune 500 companies in Minneapolis, Minnesota: 3M as a marketing supervisor in New Business Development and Gould as product manager of Automotive Batteries.

In the following 18 years, Dan created and published ADTRACK a database of magazine advertising with customers in 26 countries and formed Corporate Intelligence to provide market research and investigative services primarily related to medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and high-tech manufacturing.

It was Dan’s entrepreneurial experience that leads to his appointment as Regional Director of Washburn University’s small business development center.

When Dan got his real estate license in 2006, it was to facilitate his desire to invest in rental property. One thing then led to another.

Other Fun Facts About Dan

  • He has taught marketing at five different universities.
  • He was part of the SCUBA diving team that searched after the Kansas Avenue Bridge Collapsed.
  • He helped evacuate the injured from Washburn University after the 1969 Tornado.
  • He went undercover in a sting operation that led to a Federal prosecution.
  • He once talked a suicidal man into surrendering his 357 Magnum.
  • He used artificial respiration to bring an unconscious chicken back from drowning.
  • He published and presented a technical paper at a conference of aerospace engineers.
  • He has trained United Way organizations in crisis management skills.
  • He has served as interim CEO of a teen health clinic and a major mental health facility.
  • He has served on five boards of directors. Three elected him President, two appointed him interim CEO.
  • He can’t sing or dance.
If your organization would like to hear Dan’s Presentation, “Buying and Selling Houses – What could possibly Go Wrong”, Call 785-224-7375 to Schedule.
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